Hosted At Home

'Would that colour indeed look awesome on me?  Would I really rock those pants?

It's difficult to find that out online, right?  We feel you.  We will start with private shopping sessons as of May 12th (you can book one on this website!), but maybe you don't feel comfortable coming in the store yet.  We understand that too.  That's why we created a HOSTed-at-home service: you 'order' all the styles you would love to try, without already paying for them.  

How to?  Choose all the sustainable prettiness you'd like to see yourself in: a minimum of 2, a maximum of 8 pieces.  Use the code HOSTEDATHOME.  Let us know when you want to pick up your parcel, we'll make sure it's ready for you.  Pick-up moments are mentioned in the confirmation e-mail.

At home, you can try everything on. Take lots of mirror selfies ;-), bother your friends with those or feel free to ask our advice!  As soon as possible (within 2 days after picking up the parcel), you let us know what you want to buy.  We will send you payment instructions.  Please return the pieces you don't want to buy asap, and for sure within a week.  

The following should go without mentioning, excuse us for doing so anyway: please take good care of your parcel, if pieces come back damaged, dirty or not, we will kindly ask you to pay for them.