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Selling pre-owned items at HOST: read below how we work
* re-HOST-ed items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable *


What kind of items do we accept?

We only accept women’s wear (clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery) from sustainable and/or international qualitative (Belgian) brands, that are in nearly perfect or mint condition.  Think pieces that have (almost) not been worn, mistakes that don’t fit your wardrobe after all.  For sure, they should be free of signs of wear like: fluffing wool (excessive pilling that is, cause we know real wool will easily have this), discolored collars, missing buttons, holes, odor, fraying, stains, yellowed armpit spots, deodorant stains, perfume, damaged shoe heels, ...  It goes without mentioning that all items should be washed and clean.

We will select the newest possible items, as we want to keep the selection fresh, up to date and near new.  For clothing, we will not accept vintage items or pieces that have been worn more than a handful of times.  Not even if they are from a very cool brand ;-)  There are other stores in Antwerp that have a better platform for that kind of second hand items.

Please be aware we have limited space, so we will be very selective.  We ask you to understand our choices or why we have to say no, as we take many things into consideration: the season, what is in fashion, what we know our customers love to buy, the amount of similar styles we have already in our pre-loved / new selection, the oversupply, the style / esthetic,…

When can I pop in with items I’d love to show/sell?

We only work by appointment, you can not just pop in with your items, as that wouldn’t be workable combined with the daily managing of the store. 

We kindly ask you to first send an e-mail to containing the following:

  • Brand and size
  • Condition, honestly mentioning any signs of wear
  • Age
  • Pictures of all items

We will try our best to answer asap. Bear with us, it might take a while, but we will personally answer all e-mails.  It’s quite possible that, based on this info, we will already decide to not accept any pieces, for one or more reasons mentioned above.  In case we see a match, we will make an appointment with you. 

How do we determine the price and what about your part of the sale?

We will set the price together when we decide to accept a piece.  We consider brand and condition, and we ask you to trust our experience as well.  Bear in mind that 50% of the original price is the maximum, and this only for pieces that are in perfect / new with tag condition.  New items discounted at 50% or more are often to be found in sales / outlet pages / stock sales from the brands themselves, so we will set the price no higher than that.  With every sign of wear, or the age of the item, we aim more in the direction of 30 to 40% of the original price.

When an item is sold, there are 2 options:

  • you’d like to receive your part in euros: you get 40% of the price
  • you’d like to receive your part in HOST vouchers, to re-invest in sustainable initiaves: you get 50% of the price

Your part is not payed out in advance.  We do not buy the items, we take them into consignment.  We give them a place on our store for no longer than 2  months. 

We will contact you ourselves within a month after this period, please respect this and do not contact us for updates before the 2 months are over, because we will not have time to answer.  We will then make a new appointment with you to:

  • pay by bank transfer or in vouchers for the items that have been sold
  • for returning the items that have not been sold

Items that are not sold, are to be picked up within a month after our e-mail asking for an appointment.  Items that are not being picked up after this period, will be given to charity. 

What will we do to increase the chance of selling your item / what do we offer?

We are happy to have an extensive family of loyal customers in HOST, and many of them are possible candidates for your pre-loved treasures.  We will present your piece in a cosy store setting, with room to try things on and our honest advice, 2 aspects of HOST we hear our customers appreciate a lot.

We will try to have new additions featured on our socials (Facebook and Instagram), to reach as much possible buyers for your piece as possible.  Please mind however, we can not make any promises on the amount / nature of social media posts for your items, we will do as we see fitted.

It is a fact that pieces presented on people attract more, as they come to live, so for styles that need it, we will make sure to take qualitative worn pictures or even little clips.

And then there is this…

In case of no sale, we do not receive anything for our time and effort.  That is the essence of this business model.  Taking that into consideration, we will not be held accountable for theft or damage of any kind.  We assure you however, it is in both our interests that we care for your pieces as we do for everything that involves HOST.

The moment you leave behind items to be sold on our platform, you agree to all the above.